Domestic cleaning

Hourly based cleaning service for your home. We'll send cleaners whenever you need them to tidy up your home.

Carpet cleaning

Pro-Chem's best machines and cleaning solutions, right at your doorstep, satisfaction guarantee!

End of tenancy cleaning

Top to bottom cleaning of your old or your new home, or even both. We have a deposit back guarantee!

Oven cleaning

The strongest and non-harmfull cleaning solutions will be used to make your oven look like new.



If you are looking for an efficient and affordable solution to various property cleaning requirements then our range of professional services is exactly what you need. With extensive industry experience in everything from basic house cleaning to technical and bespoke solutions for offices and establishments, Monster Cleaners Kilburn is more than capable and willing to handle your property cleaning needs with due precision and efficiency.

We offer a convenient and efficient solution in NW6, W9

We save you the hassle of having to call around town in order to book different companies as we maintain and provide a number of key services and additional options that cover a wide range of cleaning requirements of residential and commercial customers. Monster Cleaning Kilburn strives for optimal efficiency and the best possible results in all instances. We focus on providing good value for money and ensure error-free work practices. We have structured our services and the way we do business in such a way so that customers can choose and book their respective cleaning options with a single phone call or email, without any unnecessary hassles or delays.

We value our customers a lot, therefore, we have decided to make ourselves available for you seven days a week. We even work on official holidays and, of course, we do not charge extra. Our schedule is flexible and we also have availability for short-notice bookings. If you need any of our services performed at any time – give us a call and we will come to the rescue.

High work standards, exceptional quality cleaning results

We are all about quality and affordability and in order to make sure our private and business customers are getting nothing short of the best possible service and price we:

  • Employ professional cleaners who have the skills and expertise to deal properly with various cleaning requirements, general and specific;
  • We train our cleaners in the safe and efficient use and application of professional-grade equipment and materials;
  • Use the latest, industry certified cleaning systems in order to yield best results without the risk of damage whilst reducing resource waste and cleaning time;

We take the time and effort to make sure our cleaners and equipment are up to scratch because we want our customers to receive a service that is genuinely good and worth their time and money.

Choose and customize your service

We understand that customers have varied cleaning requirements. Looking after a residential property is different from keeping the office clean. Also, when it comes to effective home or office cleaning maintenance, there are quite a few specific issues that need addressing. Our solutions are specially designed to deal with these specifics in the most efficient and inexpensive way. Whether you need a quick one-off for the kitchen and bathroom or require full-scale treatment for your commercial establishment – rest assured we have the right service for you.

  • Domestic cleaning – a versatile and inexpensive service designed to keep your home clean and fresh at all times, whenever and however you require. Available as a one-off or on a regular basis. Work carried out by experienced and reliable house cleaners. Can be modified to suit individual needs and budget, or to include specific additional options.
  • Carpet cleaning – professional steam cleaning, safe and suitable for all types of natural and synthetic fiber rugs and carpets. Highly effective in stain removal and disinfection (eradication and removal of bacteria and insects). Delivers long-lasting hygiene you can see and feel. Available as a one-off or on a regular basis to private and business customers. Service bookings start at only £22.
  • End of tenancy cleaning – comprehensive tenancy cleaning service available to landlords/letting agents and tenants. Can be modified according to customer requirements as well as to include one or more additional options. Top to bottom cleaning, industry-standard results. The service comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, a 10% discount applies when booked by landlords.
  • Oven cleaning – specialized treatment for a hard-working appliance. No risk of damage or alteration to surfaces and protective coatings. Use of specially formulated products that leave no trace or residue. A quick and efficient way to keep the oven fresh and clean at all times.

Our cleaning services in Kilburn NW6 are available in combination with one another for more convenience and even better value for money. Additional options can also be requested. We maintain week round availability on everything in the store.

Some of the other things we have for your household or business include specialized pressure washing/jet cleaning for driveways, patios, etc. One-off & fixed schedule, office and establishment cleaning delivering professional results. Comprehensive property treatments like deep/after builders and spring cleaning at excellent prices in W9.

Considering professional property cleaning?

There are many upsides to using professional cleaning solutions for your home or office. First of all, you don’t have to deal with any of it yourself – you save time and effort to invest in more important things like family, work and friends. Second of all – you get industry-standard cleaning results without guesswork or risk of damage to surfaces and materials, extra peace of mind is always a good thing. Last but not least, you get long-lasting results and perfect hygiene where it’s needed most, not to mention much better indoor air quality as well as a healthier living and working environment.